Trump administration light-bulb move could raise U.S. energy costs by $14 billion and boost carbon emissions

By | December 20, 2019

The Washington Post reports:

The Trump administration gave old-fashioned, incandescent lightbulbs a holiday gift Friday: a new lease on life.

The Energy Department made a final determination Friday that it would not impose stricter energy efficiency standards for “general service” lightbulbs set to take effect Jan. 1, on the grounds that they “are not economically justified.” The move affects roughly 3 billion — nearly half — of the bulbs in sockets in U.S. homes.

Consumer groups estimate that the reversal of tighter standards, which stem from a bipartisan 2007 energy law, would boost energy costs by $14 billion a year and will generate 38 million tons of carbon dioxide annually. The Natural Resources Defense Council said the regulatory rollback could boost consumption by an amount equal to the output of 30 large power plants. [Continue reading…]

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