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Brazil ignores dire climate impact in holding oil auction

Reuters reports:

Brazil is overlooking potentially dire climate change consequences by moving ahead with its biggest auction ever of oil exploration blocs that could release millions of tonnes of carbon emissions, according to environmental activists.

The country’s oil regulator ANP estimates that the blocs up for sale on Wednesday in the offshore pre-salt oil area could contain up to 15 billion barrels of oil.

Consuming that oil would release up to 8.6 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent, the standard measure of greenhouse gas, according to a calculation by environmental non-government organization

That is about 1.5 times the annual emissions in the United States, the world’s second-biggest greenhouse gas emitter.

“It’s immoral to explore and make this quantity of oil available to burn,” said Nicole Figueiredo Oliveira, Latin America managing director for

“The government ignores us, taking the position of generating profits without thinking of the impact these blocs will have on the lives of people around the world.” [Continue reading…]

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