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Judge rejects Trump’s ‘repugnant’ immunity claim in tax-return ruling

The Guardian reports:

Donald Trump suffered a major setback in the long struggle to conceal his tax returns on Monday, when he lost a federal court ruling in New York.

A judge ruled that the president’s claim to immunity while in office was “repugnant” and said Manhattan’s district attorney could subpoena eight years of Trump’s personal and corporate tax returns from his accountants, Mazars USA.

An appeals court blocked any immediate handover of the records but the escalating court battle leaves Trump with less room for manoeuvre and adds to woes that include a fast-moving impeachment inquiry, which on Monday saw House Democrats issue subpoenas for documents from the Pentagon and the White House budget office.

Trump is the first US president in nearly 40 years not to release his tax information, despite having promised to do so during the 2016 campaign [Continue reading…]

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