Echoes of al Qaeda: Neo-Nazi group, ‘The Base,’ training fellow white supremacists

By | August 17, 2019

Vice News reports:

A neo-Nazi group focused on providing paramilitary-style training to far-right extremists has been conducting a massive recruitment drive and claims to have already conducted live-fire training with its members.

The Base, which is connected to extreme-right groups the Atomwaffen Division and the Feuerkrieg Division, has been promoting its growth on social media with photos announcing its presence in major cities across North America, including New York, Los Angeles, and Seattle, and in Europe, South Africa, and Australia. The images often include a small contingent (typically one to three) of masked, camo-clad men holding weapons standing in front of The Base’s flag, a black flag with three white lines running down the centre.

Attacks committed by far-right extremists expressing similar worldviews and ideologies are on the rise. Last week, an alleged Atomwaffen Division member was arrested for planning terrorist attacks on his local synagogue.

A post from a suspected member shows a masked man in front of an electric transformer holding a book known to be an insurgency bible to militant neo-Nazis, with the caption: “The electric grid as well as many other of the system’s tentacles that keep the lemming class fat and happy are extremely weak and easy to target.”

A series of other posts allegedly shows its Georgia “cell” in live-firing training. One photo depicts a masked man shooting a target painted with a Jewish Star of David. Other posts call for “tit-for-tat” violence.

The group has also been conducting postering campaigns in several of the cities they claim to have members in. Many of the posters went up in universities; others were spotted in less traditional locations, such as on a drive-in menu in Newark. “Would you like some societal collapse with your coffee?” read a social media post of the poster. [Continue reading…]

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