Speaker Bercow’s ruling has breathed new life into the people’s vote on Brexit

By | March 18, 2019

Polly Toynbee writes:

Brexit fatigue and Brexit bullying are Theresa May’s instruments of torture to grind recalcitrant MPs into passing her destructive deal. No more, says the Speaker: this war of attrition must stop. Her deal must change and if she brings one back, it must be “fundamentally different”. How different? He can’t say until he sees what plan, if any, she will present.

Rightly John Bercow complains of time wasted, of running down the clock as she tries to crush MPs against the concrete wall she herself constructed. No 10 was not forewarned of the Speaker’s ruling. Oddly, the Brexiteers were sounding pleased, presuming her deal as it stands can’t pass. They hope that no-deal beckons – still the legal certainty unless parliament passes something else. But the champion of the house will guarantee that MPs get the chance to stop no-deal dead.

This opens the door of hope for all sides. There must certainly now be a long delay: any substantial change to May’s deal needs renegotiation with the EU, and time and thought for the country. In crushing the life out of debate by using the clock, in using no-deal or no-Brexit as lethal weapons, the prime minister has caused a constitutional crisis not seen in our lifetimes. Bercow is right to seize back sovereignty for the Commons against the abuse of power by May and her chaotic government. [Continue reading…]

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