Republican Party’s culture of bigotry, xenophobia, and racism extends from top to bottom

By | March 3, 2019

Donald Trump, grandson of a draft-dodging tax-evading immigrant, foments anti-immigrant hatred this weekend at CPAC 2019:

The Washington Post reports:

Friday was a day meant to celebrate the Republican Party in the West Virginia Capitol. But a poster connecting a Muslim congresswoman to the 9/11 terrorist attacks led to heated emotions, caused the resignation of at least one staff member and left another reportedly injured when things got physical as the altercation spilled into the chamber of the West Virginia House of Delegates.

The poster, at a table in the Capitol’s rotunda, featured an image of freshmen Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) underneath one of the New York’s twin towers burning.

“’Never forget’ — You said,” read text placed over the photo of the World Trade Center.

“I am the proof you have forgotten,” read the caption over Omar’s image.

Omar, one of the first two Muslim congresswoman ever elected, has been the target of Islamophobic smears since she took office this year.

It was not immediately clear who was responsible for the poster, which was displayed on a day of events called “WVGOP Day” and sponsored by the state Republican Party. Melody Potter, the state party chairwoman, did not respond to voice mail or text messages.

Photos of the poster showed it next to a placard promoting ACT for America, which the Southern Poverty Law Center has designated an anti-Muslim hate group. ACT for America did not immediately respond to requests for comment. [Continue reading…]

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