The dirty secret of the political purists is their attachment to the status quo

By | February 22, 2019

Suzanne Moore writes:

Splitters. Traitors. The People’s Front of Judea. I am quite enjoying the current shenanigans of those people who say they just can’t take it any more. Some are sick of Brexit. Some want a people’s vote. Some are disgusted at the acceptance of antisemitism. Some are probably terrible careerists out only for themselves, though this seems a rather unlikely way to do it. Some may be people you want to go to the pub with. Some you would cross over the street to avoid. I couldn’t possibly comment.

Never mind. Some probably just look at their own their leaders and wonder what they have to lose. Jeremy Corbyn, nonchalant about George Galloway being readmitted. Galloway! Oh why not? Degsy Hatton lasted all of two days in the in, out, shake it all about Labour party where you can say nasty things about Jews to some of the people just some of the time. As usual, none of this matters if you utter the magic word “neoliberalism” every other sentence.

End austerity and create socialism in one country, or a few towns, by bowing down to Corbyn and his inner circle of anachronists. Sit there while women and Jews and Muslims are vilified. Tolerate sexual harassment for the greater good. Plus ça change. [Continue reading…]

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