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Music: Tigran Hamasyan — ‘Love Song’


Music: Taksim Trio — ‘Gözüm & Kulağım’


Music: Petar Milanov — ‘Buchimishman’


Music: Arslan Hazreti, Imamyar Hasanov, Volkan Kaplan — ‘Bozlak / Segah / Chargah’


Music: Franz von Chossy Quintet — ‘Along the River’


Music: Jon Hassell — ‘Timeless’


Music: Jon Hassell — ‘Paris II’


Perceptions of musical octaves are learned, not wired in the brain

Elena Renken writes: In the lowlands of Bolivia, the most isolated of the Tsimané people live in communities without electricity; they don’t own televisions, computers or phones, and even battery-powered radios are rare. Their minimal exposure to Western culture happens mostly during occasional trips to nearby towns. To the researchers who make their way into Tsimané villages by truck and canoe each summer, that isolation makes the Tsimané an almost

Music: Jon Hassell — ‘Brussels’


Music: Jon Hassell — ‘Hamburg’


Music: Jon Hassell — ‘Paris I’


Music: Jon Hassell — ‘Maarifa Street’


Music: Bill Frisell — ‘Fifty Years’


Music: Shai Maestro — ‘Paradox’


Music: Shai Maestro — ‘The Forgotten Village’


Music: Shai Maestro — ‘The Dream Thief’