Former Giuliani associate names names in shocking video that Fox News won’t air

Former Giuliani associate names names in shocking video that Fox News won’t air

HuffPost reports:

Former Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas made some startling accusations during a House Oversight Committee impeachment inquiry hearing on Wednesday, but don’t expect to see it air on Fox News.

Parnas, who helped Donald Trump by attempting to pressure Ukraine into investigating Joe Biden, told the committee that various GOP politicians and members of the conservative media purposely spread disinformation about the current president.

And he named names, including Fox News host Sean Hannity and Rep. Pete Sessions, who, Parnas pointed out, is a member of the House Oversight Committee.

It all started when Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) asked Parnas about when “the campaign to dig up dirt on Biden” became “a campaign to spread disinformation and lies about Biden.”

Parnas said after the Biden investigation turned up nothing substantial at all, Giuliani and journalist John Solomon ― who was responsible for pushing many Ukraine conspiracy theories ― started “trying to push narratives that were — we had no, they were not validated.”

“Basically, a letter would come over from somebody in Ukraine, I’d hand it over to John Solomon. Next thing you knew, he was on Fox TV two hours later with Sean Hannity,” he explained.

Parnas said Giuliani then began working with Russian agents and Russian assets to spread anti-Biden propaganda and disinformation ”around May, June of 2019.”

He also testified that Giuliani was “absolutely” aware that those Russian sources were working on behalf of Russian leader Vladimir Putin. He also said Giuliani had no problem with spreading lies “as long as it fit the narrative.” [Continue reading…]

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