Jim Jordan’s latest antics won’t save Trump from a jury’s judgment

Jim Jordan’s latest antics won’t save Trump from a jury’s judgment

Greg Sargent writes:

Because Rep. Jim Jordan (Ohio) cares deeply about the plight of the unfairly accused, he has launched yet another House GOP effort to protect Donald Trump from prosecution. The Judiciary Committee, which Jordan chairs, is demanding that Georgia prosecutor Fani T. Willis turn over documents related to her indictment of the former president over his insurrection attempt.

Jordan’s game — using House investigations to protect Trump at all costs — is transparent. Yet if he really pursues this to a maximal extent, he will end up forcing many other Republicans to take difficult votes on future subpoenas — aligning them with Trump and putting their reelection at risk — without protecting Trump in any meaningful way.

It’s highly unlikely GOP leaders — despite their public bluster on Trump’s behalf — have any intention of letting things proceed that far. The whole project is almost surely a doomed charade at the outset.

To see why, consider this: In the spring, Jordan announced an investigation into Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who has indicted Trump over hush money payments to his mistress. Jordan demanded numerous internal communications from Bragg, who countered that he is legally constrained from divulging information involving ongoing criminal prosecutions. [Continue reading…]

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