The Hunter Biden problem isn’t going away

The Hunter Biden problem isn’t going away

Jill Lawrence writes:

It’s time to get nervous about Hunter Biden.

It’s tempting to try to dismiss or ignore it all—the constant “Biden & Son” and “Biden Crime Family” emails, the intrusive attempted shaming over the seventh grandchild, the drug addiction, the unpaid taxes, the illegal gun, the investigation by a prosecutor who was named by Donald Trump, the plea deal that’s now on hold.

And why not just tune it out? House Republicans can allege wrongdoing by President Joe Biden, but what did he do? They can even try to impeach him, but why? They’ve been digging and threatening for years, with no proof or evidence to show for it. The case against the Biden who holds a public office does not exist.

That is still a fact, but I’ve changed my mind about how to handle the Hunter Biden problem. Denial, dismissal, paternal indulgence, and legalistic analyses aren’t going to cut it in an election like the one we’re facing in 2024. Democrats, the president, and anyone who cares about the survival of democracy should fear any factor that could tip the balance the wrong way, whether it’s third parties or a troubled family member in the crosshairs of the House GOP and the MAGA movement.

It’s unrealistic to think the president or his party can make the Hunter problem go away. There are too many ongoing public matters involving Hunter, from his pending plea deal to the multiple investigations House Republicans are pursuing. There are unpredictable and unimaginable episodes, like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green brandishing nude photos of Hunter during a hearing last month. And MAGA Inc., the Trump-allied super PAC, is running a new ad on CNN, Fox News, and Newsmax that tries to tie Biden to his son’s business dealings and legal troubles. The opening: “How come your Justice Department goes after Trump endlessly, yet they cover for your family?”

But the Hunter problem is not like Joe Biden’s “age problem.” The president is 80, and that is that. With Hunter, there are ways to mitigate and counter the political damage he could cause. [Continue reading…]

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