Why aren’t we talking more about Trump’s business with the Saudis?

Why aren’t we talking more about Trump’s business with the Saudis?

Philip Bump writes:

The Republican-led House Oversight Committee has spent most of the past five months hard at work trying to link “the Biden family” (read: relatives of President Biden but not Biden himself) to millions of dollars proffered by foreign business interests before Biden became president. With the 2024 presidential campaign already at the top of the political conversation, the idea that some revelation might prove to be politically damaging to the incumbent is obviously a central motivation.

It is, therefore, safe to assume that the committee’s interest would be piqued if it learned that the Democratic front-runner for his party’s nomination was actively receiving unspecified amounts of money from a foreign business — one linked closely to a foreign leader. A foreign leader, mind you, who was implicated by U.S. intelligence in the murder of a journalist who wrote for a U.S. newspaper.

The Oversight Committee would no doubt launch hearings if it heard that the Democratic front-runner was actively promoting that foreign business, much less a shared business venture between the candidate and the foreign entity.

But all of that is true of Donald Trump, not Joe Biden, so no hearings should be expected. [Continue reading…]

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