Trump lawyer threatens: Ron DeSantis will emerge a ‘bloodied pulp’ if he challenges her boss

By | March 26, 2023

The Daily Beast reports:

Donald Trump lawyer and Right Side Broadcasting Network contributor Christina Bobb declared Ron DeSantis will emerge “bloody” if he challenges the former president in 2024.

The fighting words from a top Trump official follow increasingly vicious attacks being directed at the Florida governor by the former president.

“I would not want to enter the octagon with Donald Trump. Nobody comes out of that and looks pretty,” Bobb said at a MAGA rally in Waco, Texas, Saturday afternoon.

“In order for Ron DeSantis to mildly stand a chance with Donald Trump…he has to attack Donald Trump, and people who attack Donald Trump don’t fare well,” she continued.

The Trump lawyer then took it a step further.

“If he actually does try to enter this race, will come out a bloodied pulp,” the lawyer concluded. [Continue reading…]