Trump lawyer claimed boxes of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago only held ‘news clippings,’ report

By | September 16, 2022

Insider reports:

A lawyer for former President Donald Trump falsely told the National Archives that 12 boxes containing classified documents at Mar-a-Lago only contained “news clippings,” The Washington Post reported Friday.

In a September 2021 call, Pat Philbin, a lawyer for Trump and former White House deputy counsel, told the federal agency that no classified documents were contained in the boxes.

According to The Post, citing “sources familiar with the conversations,” Philbin based that assertion on representations made to him by Mark Meadows, the former president’s ex-chief of staff. Both men and their representatives declined to comment.

“Trump’s team was aware of no other materials,” the lawyer said, according to The Post.

In February 2022, the National Archives would ask the Department of Justice to launch an investigation into Trump’s mishandling of classified information, noting that boxes it had already recovered had indeed contained sensitive documents. Last month, a federal raid of the former president’s Florida resort led to the recovery of more than 100 classified documents, including some marked “TOP SECRET,” according to an FBI inventory. [Continue reading…]