Trump lied about Secret Service concerns to throw off New York AG

Trump lied about Secret Service concerns to throw off New York AG

The Daily Beast reports:In confidential court documents, former President Donald Trump tried to squirm his way out of taking a trip to the New York Attorney General’s office last month, telling a judge that the Secret Service had security concerns about the AG’s office, according to two sources familiar with the matter.

In the days before his Aug. 10 deposition, according to those two sources and a third person familiar with the discussions, Trump’s legal team asked that the contentious interview at the AG’s office be relocated to a more comfortable, convenient spot for the former president: Trump Tower.

The excuse appalled those who read it, spurring them to speak to The Daily Beast.

In correspondence that was filed in secret, Trump’s legal team notified state investigators that the Secret Service was opposed to transporting him to the AG’s office in Manhattan’s Financial District, both sources said. The letter cited some sort of safety concern related to having the former president at the 60-story skyscraper at 28 Liberty Street—which is located just across the street from a Trump-owned building.

Notably, however, these confidential court filings did not come with any kind of official affirmation or statement from the law enforcement agency itself, according to two sources. The correspondence does not appear on the public court docket. [Continue reading…]

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