Trump treated my family like disposable pawns and tore us apart, says daughter of convicted Jan. 6 rioter

By | August 21, 2022

Insider reports:

For Peyton Reffitt, 18, what began as debates around the dinner table ended with her family falling apart and her father receiving the longest jail sentence yet for his involvement in the Trump-inspired Capitol riot.

American family life in the age of Trump has taken on a toxic dimension, the young woman from Texas said.

Peyton said her family’s disintegration started as angry shouting matches between father and children and was completed when her brother, Jackson Reffitt, then 18 years old, turned his father in to the FBI.

After the Capitol riot in 2021, Guy Reffitt, 49, returned to Wylie, a Dallas suburb, and told Jackson and then-16-year-old Peyton that they would be “traitors” if they turned him in.

But Jackson had already tipped off the FBI in December 2020, after becoming increasingly concerned by his father’s radicalized right-wing rhetoric.

“We are an example of how the modern American family is becoming more fragile as the political climate rises,” Peyton said in a message to Insider. “There is not enough protecting American families from the effect of propaganda and misinformation.” [Continue reading…]

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