Fani Willis’s experience using RICO to prosecute Atlanta teachers offers clues to how she may charge Trump

By | August 16, 2022

Insider reports:

The Georgia prosecutor pursuing one of the most high-stakes investigations in US history built her career by successfully using racketeering charges, typically employed against organized crime, to convict Atlanta public school teachers for conspiring to alter student test scores.

Those RICO cases, and a key hire of a racketeering law expert to her staff, offer a window into how experts believe she is likely to build any criminal case against Donald Trump and his allies in connection with efforts to overturn the state’s 2020 presidential election result.

Willis has hired a Georgia-based lawyer who wrote a national guide on RICO prosecutions, and legal experts familiar with state law believe racketeering charges may be her best avenue to convict Trump.

“I’m glad that she’s using him because he’s absolutely the best,” Clint Rucker, a former prosecutor that worked alongside Willis during the Atlanta teacher case, said of the RICO expert.

Willis is ramping up her 17-month investigation into Trump and whether he or his associates tried to interfere in the Georgia 2020 elections. Her probe has expanded to include looking into members of Trump’s inner circle and examining an alleged scheme to send a fake slate of electors to Georgia’s state Capitol in Atlanta in an attempt to overturn the election result. [Continue reading…]