Netanyahu ordered papers shredded before leaving office, report claims

By | June 17, 2021

The Times of Israel reports:

A report Thursday claimed that just before former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu left the Prime Minister’s Office on Sunday, his staff shredded documents that were being stored in safes.

A spokesperson for Netanyahu called the report “total lies. No such thing ever happened.”

If true, the allegations detailed by the Haaretz daily would represent an ignominious and likely illegal final act by the Likud leader, as his efforts to hold on to power reached their conclusion, after 12 years in office.

The paper quoted unnamed staffers who worked in Netanyahu’s bureau who said that they had been told to shred documents on Sunday morning, hours before a coalition of parties working to oust Netanyahu from office took power. They said that the order had come from Netanyahu himself.

The Prime Minister’s Office, now headed by Naftali Bennett, said it was unaware of the allegations, but would examine the claims. [Continue reading…]