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Rudy Giuliani: Only ‘50/50’ chance I worked with a ‘Russian spy’ to dig dirt on Bidens

The Daily Beast reports:

Rudy Giuliani thinks it’s hilarious.

He says the questions mounting around him—including those about whether his efforts to dump Hunter Biden’s documents and photos are part of some foreign election-interference operation—are “a bunch of bullshit.” He’s unconcerned about intelligence assessments that one of his former associates was a Russian agent, a proposition that he gave more or less even odds. In fact, Giuliani said, he has been “laughing my head off” about the whole affair.

Instead, the pugnacious former New York City mayor said he was on a mission to push out all the contents of a hard drive he allegedly obtained, that he claims belongs to the former vice president’s son—no matter how seemingly irrelevant others may say they are.

“I sleep with it at night,” Giuliani said of the hard drive, chortling. “It’s because I work late.”

Giuliani called The Daily Beast from New York City, the television blaring in the background, airing President Donald Trump’s rally at the Middle Georgia Regional Airport in Georgia. The president’s personal attorney said he recently made a private “gentleman’s bet” with his client, who thought that U.S. media outlets would not report on the unveiling of Hunter Biden’s documents and photos, because of how protective the president believes the media is towards the Biden family. Giuliani, on the other hand, believed there was a good chance that mainstream outlets would pick up the story.

Giuliani now thinks he won that bet. “It made its way into the back of some papers,” he said. [Continue reading…]

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