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Amazon workers test positive for covid-19 at ten U.S. warehouses

The Washington Post reports:

The U.S. coronavirus outbreak has spread to at least ten Amazon warehouses, infecting workers racing to deliver massive volumes of packages for consumers leery of leaving their homes to shop.

In the past few days, workers tested positive for covid-19 at Amazon warehouses and shipping facilities across the country, from New York to California and Michigan to Texas. In some cases, Amazon shut down facilities for cleaning, and some co-workers who were in close contact with their infected colleagues have been quarantined.

But some workers complain Amazon hasn’t provided them with enough information about the spread of virus in their facilities.

Bobbi Johnson heard rumors at her sortation center, but only found out there was an infected coworker after confronting a human resources staffer in the break room. Worried about her immune compromised children, she took off three days last week and another two this week and is nervous about returning, but needs the paycheck. [Continue reading…]

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