Former acting solicitor general says White House ‘obstruction’ ‘even worse’ than Nixon’s during Watergate

By | November 29, 2019

Newsweek reports:

An Obama-era acting solicitor general of the United States has argued that the White House is “engaged in unprecedented obstruction” of the Ukraine probe.

Law professor Neal Katyal told MSNBC that the Trump administration’s approach to the ongoing impeachment inquiry was “in many ways even worse” than former President Richard Nixon’s alleged obstruction of the impeachment investigation amid the Watergate scandal.

His comments come as the White House has sought to block administration staffers from delivering depositions before the ongoing House impeachment inquiry.

Speaking to the network’s The Last Word show on Wednesday night, Katyal claimed that the evidence against Trump was “all there,” and compared missing testimonies from John Bolton and a “whole bunch of other people” to gravy—a helpful extra but not essential.

“This White House is engaged in unprecedented obstruction, in many ways even worse than President Nixon during Watergate,” Katyal later said. “They’ve gagged every single executive branch employee from going and testifying.” [Continue reading…]


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