Weak and defenseless, Trump bows down in the face of ‘Crazed and Irrational Hostility’

By | October 21, 2019

Like most other angry old trolls, it’s easy to tell when Donald Trump gets really mad: a twitchy shift-key lets loose with a rapid fire of upper-case letters.

The problem with this explanation is that if Trump really believed that all he was up against was crazed and irrational hostility, why would he back down? What happened to his famous counter-punch?

It turns out that the president who never tires of expressing his contempt for alliances, is becoming increasingly aware that if he loses his allies on Capitol Hill, he’s advancing towards impeachment.

In that event, he probably won’t receive Nixon’s fig leaf of an honorable departure: a red carpet to the presidential helicopter, followed by a final Air Force One trip back to his family home.

Nixon’s corruption flowered while in office, while Trump’s has been cultivated throughout his career.

Since there are limits to the loyalty of even his most loyal defenders, an existential anxiety surely festers at the core of his being.

The flip side of the confidence that he can get away with anything, is the knowledge that eventually he may be betrayed by everyone.

Getting away is not absolution — it’s simply justice deferred.

Business Insider reports:

US President Donald Trump reversed his decision to host the G7 resort at his private golf club after being told that Republicans objected to the idea, an administration official told The Washington Post.

According to the official, the president spoke to conservative allies by telephone over the weekend and was told that Republicans are struggling to defend him on multiple fronts.

He later announced that he would not be hosting the summit at his resort in Doral, Florida, contrary to what he said a few days earlier.

The New York Times also reported that the reversal was prompted by Republican opposition. The outlet said Trump had been told that moderate party lawmakers gathered for a meeting at Camp David could not defend the decision. [Continue reading…]

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