Brexit deal may be a rare win-win for Boris Johnson

Brexit deal may be a rare win-win for Boris Johnson

The Guardian reports:

Boris Johnson’s team were pasty-faced with exhaustion as they briefed journalists about the details of the Brexit deal in Brussels on Thursday afternoon – but the PM himself was unable to suppress a beam of triumph, as he glad-handed his fellow leaders.

Just a week after Johnson’s meeting with the Irish prime minister, Leo Varadkar, at a wedding venue on the Wirral, Downing Street hopes it has now engineered that rare thing in politics – a win-win situation.

If the PM’s deal is passed by MPs on Saturday, he’s well on the way to getting Brexit done (the slogan “Get Brexit Done” was plastered on every available surface at the Tory conference in Manchester last month).

If it’s rejected, and he is forced by the Benn act into requesting an extension against his wishes, it will provide a clear, public demonstration of his claim that he wants to get on and take Britain out of the EU – and recalcitrant MPs have stopped him. [Continue reading…]

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