Why do white supremacists love Tucker Carlson so much?

By | March 18, 2019

Aiden Pink writes:

Here’s what white supremacists said about Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson when they thought no one else was looking:

“Tucker is really doing divine work.”

“A lone voice of reason in the media.”

“Tucker is a blessing, def[initely] our guy.”

The uproar this past week over numerous recently-uncovered insensitive comments Carlson made on a radio show overshadowed news that could have been even worse for him: A massive leak of internal chat logs from Identity Evropa, one of the leading white supremacist groups in America, showed that many members were huge fans of Carlson and the ideas he espoused every night to millions of viewers.

Even though white supremacist groups themselves have largely gone underground – either due to financial pressures, fear of their identities being revealed or infighting – they have continued to try to push their ideologies into the mainstream. And they see Carlson as a key component in that effort. [Continue reading…]

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