House expands Russia inquiry as Pelosi declares Democrats will not be cowed

House expands Russia inquiry as Pelosi declares Democrats will not be cowed

The New York Times reports:

The House Intelligence Committee on Wednesday launched a broad inquiry into the potential influence that Russia and other foreign powers may be exercising over President Trump, acting just hours after a defiant Speaker Nancy Pelosi declared that the House would not be cowed by the president’s “all-out threat” to drop its investigations of his administration.

Other committees were zeroing in on similarly sensitive oversight targets. On Thursday, Democrats will begin their quest to secure the president’s long-suppressed tax returns. Representative Jerrold Nadler, Democrat of New York, warned the acting attorney general, Matthew G. Whitaker, on Wednesday that he could not avoid Democratic questioning. And a House Appropriations subcommittee chairwoman began an inquiry into administration rule-bending during the 35-day government shutdown.

“It’s our congressional responsibility, and if we didn’t do it, we would be delinquent in that,” Ms. Pelosi said of the House’s oversight role, just hours after Mr. Trump used his State of the Union address to warn that “ridiculous partisan investigations” threatened the nation’s economic health and the prospects of bipartisan legislating.

That, Ms. Pelosi said, “was a threat; it was an all-out threat.” [Continue reading…]

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