As soon as Kavanaugh got into dangerous waters, Republican senators ditched prosecutor Mitchell

By | September 27, 2018


Philip Bump notes:

[Arizona prosecutor Rachel] Mitchell had been stepping in for Republican senators during the day’s questioning, a tactic that helped the majority avoid the spectacle of men grilling a woman about an attack she says she experienced. There was no break in that pattern — until the July 1 question.

Matthew Zeitlin writes:

July 1 was a Thursday. Kavanaugh’s defense also relied on his insistence that the gathering could not have happened on a weeknight. “The event described by Dr. Ford presumably happened on a weekend because I believe everyone worked and had jobs in the summers,” he said. Kavanaugh later said his summer job in 1982 was mowing lawns. (“I had my own business of sorts.”)

Speaking of summer jobs, a book written by Judge says that the summer before his senior year of high school, “to raise money for football camp, I spent a few weeks working as a bag boy at the local supermarket.” This supports another statement of Ford’s when she described seeing Judge after the alleged incident at his job at a local Safeway supermarket. Judge writes in his book that, by then, he was “completely hooked” on alcohol and was frequently drunk. “Invariably I would be hungover” while working there, he wrote, which would mean drinking on weeknights.

Is it possible that teenagers might gather to drink on a Thursday night in the summer at a house with no parents home? Is it possible Kavanaugh went over to Timmy’s for “skis” (brewskis, apparently) and he and Judge journeyed on to another gathering? Could the night of July 1 be the night Ford was assaulted? Sounds worthy of further interrogation.

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