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Email subscriptions

The first email subscription service I used for this site was through Feedburner. They was acquired and then abandoned by Google, so I switched to Mailchimp. Before long, they changed their terms of service and so I switched to MailerLite. Same thing. It’s taken me a while to sign up with yet another service, but… Read More »

For the silent majority, it’s time to come out of hiding

How can the silent majority find its voice? The phrase, silent majority, often conjures up an image of moderation and sanity — a population hemmed in from either side by the strident voices of extremists. The problem with this characterization is that it reinforces the self-imposed impotence of those who survey the political landscape while… Read More »

Updates while relocating

We just sold our house and now I’m about to hit the road in my 22-year-old truck, as I head hundreds of miles west with two cats and a dog to join my wife in our new location — new house yet to be found. During this period of instability, I can’t predict if or… Read More »

On pause — back soon

Due to a family emergency, I won’t be able to update Attention to the Unseen for the next few days. Back soon. PW


When I was a Buddhist monk and the Dalai Lama visited us in France, there was a meeting of most of the Western monks and nuns in our community. At that time, the majority were living in a monastery and neighboring nunnery near Toulouse, but others were visiting from elsewhere in Europe, America, India and… Read More »

A new year — a new direction

The greatest thing you’ll ever learn Is just to love and be loved in return. “Nature Boy” by eden ahbez “I don’t think she’s getting the attention she needs,” a nurse told me as my wife remained in the Emergency Room six hours after doctors said she needed to be transferred to the Intensive Care… Read More »