How Bernie Sanders can become the next president

How Bernie Sanders can become the next president

Michael Warren writes:

It might sound strange, but Bernie Sanders right now has a lot in common with Donald Trump from 2016.

Like Trump, after coming in a close second in Iowa and winning New Hampshire, Sanders is now his party’s front-runner for the presidential nomination. Like Trump, Sanders carries big momentum into a third contest in Nevada that already sets up well for him. His rallies are packed. His coffers are stuffed with cash.

And yet, like Trump, there are forces within Sanders’s own party that are aligned against him, discounting his early wins and downplaying his chances of coming out on top. Like Trump, critics say Sanders’ path is too narrow, his base too radical, to win the nomination. And even if he does, they say, he’ll get crushed in the general election. [Continue reading…]

The conventional wisdom coming from the Democratic Party establishment is that Bernie Sanders is too radical to unite the party and defeat Trump.

This yearning for a unifier obscures what should already be obvious. That position is already filled — by Donald Trump.

Whatever policy disagreements there are among Democrats, there is an overwhelming consensus on the necessity of defeating Trump.

Moreover, Sanders stands out from all the other Democratic candidates in this regard: he’s capable of peeling away a modest portion of the anti-establishment support that currently favors Trump.

This isn’t a time where anyone can afford to get hung up on personal preferences.

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