Which hunt?

Which hunt?

The New York Times reports:

The revelation that Mr. Ohr engaged with Mr. Steele has provided the president’s allies with fresh fodder to attack the investigation led by Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel, casting it as part of a vast, long-running conspiracy by a “deep state” bent on undermining Mr. Trump. In their telling, Mr. Ohr and his wife — who worked as a contractor at the same research firm that produced the dossier — are villainous central players in a cabal out to destroy the president.

Mr. Trump himself has seized on the reports, threatening to pull Mr. Ohr’s security clearance and claiming that his family “received big money for helping to create the phony, dirty and discredited Dossier.”

While Mr. Steele did discuss the research that resulted in the dossier with Mr. Ohr during the final months of the campaign, current and former officials said that [a Russian oligarch with close ties to the Kremlin, Oleg V.] Deripaska was the subject of many of the contacts between the two men between 2014 and 2016.

A timeline that Mr. Ohr hand-wrote of all his contacts with Mr. Steele was among the leaked documents cited by the president and his allies as evidence of an anti-Trump plot.

The contacts between Mr. Steele and Mr. Ohr started before Mr. Trump became a presidential candidate and continued through much of the campaign.

As conspiracy theories go, this one’s special. Somehow Ohr and Steele had the prescience to start plotting against Trump the year before he announced his candidacy, long before he was given favorable odds of even getting the Republican nomination, let alone landing in the Oval Office.

Remember, when Trump launched his campaign, actors were being offered $50 to cheer him on and the bookies gave him a 150/1 chance of winning. And yet even back then — Trump would have his supporters believe — the Deep State was already at work, plotting to prevent his ascent to power.

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